Organisational Development

Organisational change in the context of law enforcement institutions is a complex process and in many respects different from governing change management processes in private enterprises. The members of VICESSE have ample experience with organisational development in the domains of police and security services and provide consulting services for the implementation of new organisational structures.


Privacy Impact Assessment

With the growth of electronic data-processing systems and the collection of personal data by different private and public actors privacy has become an issue in many different fields. PIA is a methodology to assess the privacy impact of systems and practices where person-related data are collected and processed. VICESSE is cooperating with the leading scholars and consulting experts in this field and offers comprehensive services for PIA.


Support for Security Investment

DESSI (Decision Support System for Security Investment Decisions) provides a process and a decision support system to end users of security investments. It contributes to a transparent and participatory decision making that accounts for context and multi-dimensionality of society. It is useful for public authorities, developers of security solutions, commercial enterprises and for social organizations that VICESSE can assist using the DESSI tool to make a comprehensive assessment as an input to strategic discussions or public debate.