The surveillance of facades, roofs and other exterior parts of buildings and historical monuments is an important task in the protection of public and private properties. The target of this project is to increase the protection of the exterior of critical buildings using an intelligent, knowledge-based event detection system with multi-modal sensor and in- formation technology. By employing knowledge-based technologies, anticipated or ob- served context-related factors such as the weather and events in and around the building are included in order to derive more comprehensive danger assessment from the data pool using Automated Reasoning and Information Fusion methods. The most important innovations in this project are, on the one hand, sensor technology with the focus on thermal cameras and 3D sensors, and the knowledge-based component on the other hand. Special attention, in cooperation with the GSK partner, is given to the clear and op- timal presentation of the current situation to the operators and thereby increasing the end user acceptance.



The Project is co-funded by the Austrian Security Research Programme KIRAS , an initiative of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology.


PKE Electronics



  • Software Competence Center Hagenberg
  • Austrian Ministry of the Interior
  • Austrian Ministry of Defense
  • Vienna Centre for Societal Security